Workshop 3 – Performance Space

27 July – 3 August 2009, Performance Space, Redfern

In this final residency we experimented with creating experiences for each other and for our invited guests – experiences that would create quiet, intimate shifts in attention.

Many thanks to  Jon Drummond (computer programming); Craig Hull and Grant (rigging and aerial work); Alejandra Mery-Keitel (documentation), Bec Dean and the rest of the team at Performance Space for their excellent input and support!


Group Workshops

In addition to the process of devising and producing the prototypes presented at the “Sensorium Gymnasium” open-studio event, we also did two more group workshops: a guided listening walk with Somaya Langley, and a sensor workshop with Garth Paine, that explored hi and low tech approaches to movement-tracking for interactive art.

Sensor and Mapping Workshop – Nintendo Wii interfaces and iCube bio-sensors, presented by Garth Paine
Day 1, Monday afternoon

Guided Listening Walk – led by Somaya Langley
Day 4, Thursday afternoon


Prototype development

All of the works documented below, where devised ‘from scratch’ during this workshop – prior to this we each had some basic ideas for the types of interactions we could be interested in exploring (i.e. swinging from ropes, extensions to feet/legs, motion-capture etc.). The option to explore without having to present works for the open-studio event on Saturday was always left open – we where very conscious that this type of pressure can stifle creativity.

Three of the works involved a very close collaboration with Maggie Slattery and Catherine Truman – where Feldenkrais methodology was used to develop and refine the interaction concept and execution – how the work was introduced to visitors, and the specific details of their musculo-skeletal organisation that each work would foreground.

While the development of each of these works was ‘led’ a individual members of the group, it is important to bear in mind that all of these works have emerged through the collaborative research of the group as a whole – informed by our shared experiences and discussions over the course of the Art-Lab funded research residencies.


‘Pendulum’ development
Jonathan Duckworth, Catherine Truman and Maggie Slattery

‘Wee Leaf’ development
Jonathan Duckworth, Catherine Truman, Maggie Slattery and Jon Drummond

‘Surging Verticality’ development
Lian Loke, Catherine Truman, Maggie Slattery and Jon Drummond

‘Sensory Pathway’ development
Somaya Langley, Catherine Truman and Maggie Slattery

‘Motion Capture’ Breath Tracking development
Garth Paine, Jon Drummond, Catherine Truman and Maggie Slattery

‘Video Cued Recall: Functional Integration’ development
George Khut, Maggie Slattery, and Catherine Truman

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