Workshop 1 – Campbelltown

14-17 August 2008, Campbelltown Art Centre

The focus of this first workshop was on the exploration of ways to observe and record the embodied experience of interactive art. We explored approaches, tools and techniques for paying attention both to our own experiences and those of others. We explored video-cued-recall (Lizzie Muller), Labanotation (Lian Loke), Feldenkrais ‘Awareness Through Movement’ (Catherine Truman) and qualities of touching/holding (Maggie Slattery), and exit interviews (Lizzie Muller) as methods for articulating and capturing these experiences to produce documentation and material for research, reflection and art-making.

The workshop was presented alongside the “Mirror States” exhibition, curated by Lizzie Muller and Kathy Cleland, at Campbelltown Art Centre. The exhibition featured many interactive artworks, and enabled us to observe and record the experiences of actual audience members and situating the research in a real world context from the start.


Introduction to Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement (ATM)
presented by Catherine Truman. Day 1, Thursday Afternoon.

Introduction to Labanotation methodology
Presented by Lian Loke. Day 2, Friday Morning and Afternoon.

Methods for Studying Experience-in-Interaction
Presented by Lizzie Muller. Day 3, Saturday Morning and Afternoon.

Introduction to Video-Cued Recall, and Semi-structured Exit-Interview methods for reflecting on audience experiences in interactive artworks. Then applying these methods to our experiences of the “Mirror States” exhibition, plus Lizzie’s own interviews with visitors to the show.

Discussion: Desires & Offerings,
facilitated by Lizzie Muller. Day 4, Sunday Morning.

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