Sensorium Gymnasium

In this final residency we experimented with creating experiences for each other (and for our guests) that create quiet, intimate shifts in attention. Of course the experiments that we have created here are ‘works in progress’, but more than that, they were invitations for our  guests to join in our year-long conversation.

The ancient Greek gymnasium was a place that combined physical training and competition with philosophical instruction and enquiry. In the ‘Sensorium Gymnasium’ we are reaching back to this idea that the body can be central to our philosophical and aesthetic developments and growth. This event invited visitors into a space where they could experience their body in new and unexpected ways.

Wee Leaf


Motion Tracking Studio – Breath Tracking

Surging Verticality

Feldenkrais Functional Integration: Video Cued Recollections

Sensory Pathway
(no video yet)

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