The Distinct Body Part 2

Experiential Anatomy Workshop presented by Catherine Truman

“…after another Awareness Through Movement lesson, …I blindfolded them and asked them to make their own body in clay. So they had to go straight into it – most of them used both hands then and most of them were incorporating their body in whole movements to manipulate the clay. They’d become much larger movements, much larger figures they were making and also they were imagining how they see themselves in a particular position or movement that, in essence, came through into the final work. It was a real privilege watching that.” – Catherine Truman

In the second part of Catherine’s ‘Distinct Body’ workshop we worked with clay. Following the same basic pattern as the drawing workshop, our first instruction was to model ‘a body’ in clay, on plywood boards provided; then following a 45 minute Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lesson.

We were then we were blindfolded and asked to model our own body, based on a memory of comfort and ease – sculpting form using only our sense of touch, and our memory of our body volume and position. The resulting sculptures revealed often stark differences between notional and experiential bodies…

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