‘The Situated Body’ Workshop

This workshop presented by Jonathan Duckworth, was pivotal in developing a link between our attention to interior and exterior experience – exploring how attention to the body can create shifts in our perception of the surrounding environment, and conversely, how an environment (especially one such as the countryside around the Riversdale and Bundanon properties) can influence our experience of self.

This is a copy of the workshop plan that Jonathan Duckworth used for these workshops.


This workshop proposal will compliment ‘The Distinct Body’ workshop run by Catherine Truman.

Compressed, expanded, heavy, symmetrical, light, warm…these are some of the words we have used to describe the raised awareness of our bodies through Feldenkrais methods. In tracking the interior shifts of attention, awareness and inhabiting a desire to move, the feeling of voids, solids, cavities and densities of our corporeal selves were felt. This workshop will be an experiment utilizing the phenomenon of awareness derived directly from the Feldenkrais lessons taught prior to this workshop.

Using the landscape of Bundanon as a point of departure, you will be asked explore the natural surroundings to generate concepts that elicit a direct experience of your body in relationship to the environment. The language of sensation will thus become a tool for navigating Bundanon.

The aim of this workshop is to articulate experiences of your body situated within the environment. These may be both familiar and unfamiliar. To isolate and focus a body felt relationship that may be further developed into ideas and concepts during the TTTB workshop.


  1. Does an enhanced physical, special and perceptual awareness derived from the Feldenkrais lessons affect an individual’s experience of physical self in relation to a specific defined external environment?

  2. Do different lessons have different effects?

  3. How does our awareness of scale, distance, proximity, scale, time, temperature, texture, light and airflow change our perceptions of the exterior environment and self?

Over the next five days (optional) in conjunction with Catherine Truman’s ‘Distinct Body’ workshop,  you will develop ideas that communicate your experience of space through the body. Through interaction and improvisation within the landscape your outcomes may be expressed in any medium of your choice. However, you are strongly encouraged to use found materials and the environment, to shape and create an intervention on the landscape that expresses and or heightens an experience of your body. For example this may be expressed through scale, shape, texture or volume using found materials; movement, sound and video based recorded performance within the landscape; texts, drawings and photography.

The Situated Body, Part 1

Tuesday: 2:30pm – 5:30pm
following on from Part 1 of  Catherine Truman’s ‘Distinct Body’ experiential anatomy workshop

In pairs or individually, you will explore the surrounding environment and bush land of Bundanon. Identify an external aspect of the landscape that gives form to a felt experience of your body.

  • Through our senses what does your chosen location invite you to do?

  • What aspects of this external environment define you physically and spatially?

  • In what form could this be communicated?

  • Think about the essence of the location and identify key words that describe your experience.

Record your experience either by photography, sound or video.

The Situated Body, Part 2

Through embodied action and improvisation that heightens your perception of space and body, develop notions of opening, placing and inhabiting, mapping and interrogating moments of becoming to elements of the landscape. This may be done in pairs or individually. You are strongly encouraged to use found materials and the environment, to shape and create an intervention on site.

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