Sensorium Gymnasium Living Room

Following from Maggie, Catherine and Lian, here are a couple of points about my plans for the Sensorium Gymnasium at Pspace.

I’ve been thinking alot about this challenge I have faced all the way through this research project of working as a curator/facilitator without pushing people (or myself) towards “outcomes”.  In Bundanon I made some important discoveries about the relationship between my own curatorial practice and my physical or embodied engagement with artworks/collaborators/exhibition spaces/audiences…  I decided to make a conscious effort at Pspace to “be” (in relation to all these things) rather than to “do” (as I do normally).  Sounds a bit vague  I know – but that’s part of the point.

So i’ve decided to inhabit a little corner of the residency space for the duration of the lab. Picking up on from Maggie and Catherine’s plans I’d like to call it the Living Room.  I’m going to have some comfy chairs, coffee and tea making facilities, lots of books and articles, a heater, lots of documentation of everything we’ve done so far, a bowl of fruit and some other munchies.  I’m going to install myself there and mull over everything we’ve done, do some reading and writing, and be generally availalbe in case anyone needs help or wants to talk about anything.  I hope that you will all come to The Living Room and visit me whenever you want to have a sit down or a think, or look at some photos/books, have a chat, have a cup of teac etc etc…

Ideally that Living Room will be a good friendly place on the last day for visitors to come and find out more about the project too.

Garth – I’d love to borrow your recordings of Bundanon so that people can come and listen to those sounds.

I’m also making a little zine that documents some of the experiences we have had so far working on this project.  There will be enough of these for you all to have some to give away and keep as mementos.

Any suggestions or thoughts on this gratefullly received.

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  1. Sounds fabulous Lizzie!

    In earlier discussions, we mentioned that this space might be the entry point and induction into the gymnasium … or are you thinking it is more of a getaway corner?

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