Openings (Thursday)

Our heat weary bodies gathered slowly, quietly in the day’s cooler opening to travel again to Bundenon. I hadn’t been looking forward to this second part of “The Situated Body” until to my great relief Jonathan invited me to join with him in the landscape where we are to ‘create an intervention’. Biz joined us too & we three wandered along, happy in each other’s company, switching at horse flies. The path, heat, flies, and ever increasing presence of dense bush directed our decision to retreat, and not long after our about face Jonathan prompted us to pause. His fancy was taken by a leaf, folded & glued lengthways by a crafty spider & suspended by a thread from the branch of a bush. We were not the passers-by intended by the fly to interact with its nifty refuge. Alas for it, Jonathan was moved by an urge to direct his nose to the distal end of the leaf and balance it thus. The spider stayed indoors, but this intervention went on, with me and Biz taking turns, and at one point he came out, but only briefly, to investigate. Where do three wanderers go after such an experience? We were, I thought, heading back to laze around on the English lawn, our intervention complete, but, no. Jonathan invited me to go off toward a rocky outcrop in the bush & “find an intervention”. That place again … wide open to a great void inside me, heart rate quickening, skin tingling. Body? What body? It’s indefinable, unfelt. Somewhere in me is accepting Jonathan’s invitation, my legs are taking me, moving mechanically, strangely outside of me and I know I will find me if I stay with this. The experience of transition into felt self has no words for this telling. I was one minute not, next minute there, seeing in the rock a body to be adorned with an exoskeleton of bark. The rest is imagination in motion, playful, timeless, absorbing and connecting. And there, alongside, was Jonathan, playing.

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