Listening to the wind in the leaves…

…and thinking about observing my breathing.

Attending to the sounds in the landscape, and realising I could bring the same quaity of openended attentivness to sensations inside my body. Observing breath (something I’ve been interested in with a previous interactive artwork ‘Drawing Breath’), listing to ‘the wind’ in the ladscape – realising that the wind it self has no sound – what I can hear is the sound of surfaces being moved by the wind: the leaves, the grass, a stand of trees, etc. Applying this insight to my experience of studying breath – not the air moving in and out of me per se, but feeling how this movement of air influences, and is influenced by various details of my body: stomach, pelvis, trachea, nostrils, tongue, ribs, diaphragm. Sensations weaving in and out of eachother, like my eyes and ears wander through details of the landscape around me.

Seeing if I could attend to both landscape and body at the same time: in counterpoint.

Turbulence, flutter, ebb and flow.

Reflecting on the passage of seasons, multiple time frames, from minutes, to hours, days, years, centuries: in a landscape, in a body, in a succesion of bodies (familly).

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