sensored up

Finally i make an appearance on the blog again, a number of things have been whirling thru my head, but mostly going in circles without being concrete enough to put down as text.

A few weeks back, george, garth and myself met up at the VIPR studios at UWS to discuss options for the upcoming february workshop. we trialed a number of sensors that are included in the i-cube box. george was focusing on rotation where as i’m more driven towards looking at various emotional states – such as anxiety. we wired me up with a galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor and i tried to build the anxiety within myself (and sometimes with a little help from george) – bring up old traumatic memories for example. i felt i was more stressed and anxious. the sensors indicated nothing apart from i was in the very same state that i began in.

Eventually we figured the tech wasn’t working and then decided to try it out on george. immediately the responses were picked up and reflected in garths max patch that was visualising the GSR data.

Reasons for this: apparently my skin was far too dry (despite moistening the part in contact with the sensor). so one consideration that is brought very quickly to the fore is the massive differences between different individual’s bodies and they way that sensor systems may really need to be calibrated for the individual and the data doesn’t necessarily reflect what is going on.

What are the repercussions of this in art-work that is designed for a large-scale (non-individual) focussed audience?

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