arduino lilypad

arduino lilypad

george, lian and i met up about 2 weekends ago to continue discussion on what we’d be doing at the next workshop (and beyond) as part of this i’d like to see a couple of small tools, methodologies or techniques that we can apply in future work.

for some time i’ve felt like i’m only beginning to scrape the surface on this research – in the relationship between body and technology – and developing meaningful engagement. whether that is for myself as a performer, or an audience member in an installation. and i’m still considering this weekly (or daily) depending on how busy i am….

so, perhaps one of the small components, should we want to make a wearable tool of sorts, might be a small arduino board called the lilypad. its just a microcontroller, but the board is laid out in a way that much easier to attach conductive fabric/thread etc to it.

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