The derire to connect

The shared desire to connect and express from the body and communicate this to each other…to attempt to strip our habitual individual language back may lead us to places unfamiliar. Uncomfortable places. But this is where we need to go with each other to uncover the questions driving this project. To find the points where we connect and dislocate.

I have to be open and patient in my negotiation with the boundaries of the technology between me and the art of the work in Mirror States. A big ask of a low tech girl. At the moment I feel it holds me a/part sometimes from a direct experience of the work.
But there is much richness here. And everyone on this project has much to offer me in this negotiation. It’s a priviledge to be in this position.

The openness of others to learning more about what I hold near and dear is also a priviledge to experience.

So, I’m going to feel the walls of my practice too. I’m going to see what moves, what bends, what folds, what gives.

One thing I can offer is my long experience of making objects with my body about the body-the physicality of the process feeding the concepts which underpin the work.

What is the role of our bodies in our own work? Can coming closer to an understanding of that on an individual basis change what we make and how we communicate it?

I’m interested in the methodolgy Lizzie introduced me to today. I had never thought of it as a vehicle for informing and developing an artwork before. It was my first interaction with this research method really. A desire I have now is to investigate the possibilities here- a kind of Mobius Strip of the work and people’s interaction with the work. People…everday…off the street people, not necessarily performers. Spontaneous interaction feeding into the meaning of the work itself. No longer static.

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