Shaping and Planning…..

Another packed day at the TTTB workshop. In the morning we started with an energizing yoga workout with Lian. This was followed by an introduction to techniques for documenting audience experience of interactive art works with Lizzie. Paired together, Maggie and I tried two techniques – Video-cued recall (VCR) and the semi-structured interview techniques. We used the exhibited works in the Mirror States exhibition as our testing bed. Changing roles between interviewer and interviewee we experienced two separate works, one by Mari Velonaki’s “Circle B: Fragile Balances” the other by David Rokeby’s “The Giver of Names”. Unfortunately one of the works temporarily was not working as intended which tainted the VCR experience a little. However, recording user frustration and how one reacts when installations fail halfway through is also valid data collection.

Afterwards, we both felt that the VCR test elicited the best form of feedback between the two methods. The VCR appeared to capture the subtle nuances of my direct experience. However, we were very aware of the camera filming us in the gallery space. On hindsight this made us perform and interact with the work longer than we might naturally have.

To conclude the day we discussed three things we might begin to explore and take with us to the next workshop – a word that resonates, one thing desired, and one thing that could be offered……..time to begin shaping and planning!

Resonating words: Mirroring

A desire: Sensitising the Body – through space, tactility and sound

An offer: Design, discussion and the visualization of ideas

I will think about these three key things some more……… the meantime some material I found interesting on mirror neurons. These little critters may strongly influence empathy, language and intention.”>”>

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