One thing leading to another

New experiences. Yoga beginning the day. A much richer experience than my only other class 25 years ago! Leading into our journey through techniques for documenting audience experience. Using ‘Semi-structured interview’ technique, we are to interact with someone who has participated in an interactive art experience. This added layer of interaction is shaped by questions, and there’s a level of skill in finding the right question. Hmmmm. In the context of my own practice I’ve had 21 years of learning how to ask the right question. In the gallery I am a “fish out of water” again, blundering through. Yet, so much unfolded, and as a privileged observer of another, especially in the “Video-cued recall” context, I learned to see possibilities outside of my own cognitive domain. And then over the lunch table, through the telling of my own awkwardness and disconnected impressions, new thoughts emerged, and language structures began to assemble, as if from nowhere. Less disjointed thoughts could be articulated, more personal, more authentic. Reflecting since, I see how being an interviewed participant left me feeling outside of the maker’s intent yet strangely part of the piece. The Thinking Through the Body context has enabled dialogue to continue, to inform, to evoke more questions, self relfection, open new corridors of experiences. One thing is leading to another!

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