How we think we think through the body?

Day2 has concluded at the TTTB workshop. So much has been covered that it’s difficult to know where to start. Day 1 began with an introduction to Feldenkrais with Maggie and Catherine. Day 2 covered Laban movement analysis, facilitated by Lian. For me, both Feldenkrais and Laban provided new insights and ways into experiencing, ‘listening to’ and visualizing my body.

During these sessions I became more sensitized and aware of my shape, weight, volume and position in space. This new found awareness and attention to movement could be observed later in the day when we began to interact with the Mirror States exhibition. I observed others in the group playfully engage with Fish-Bird. I felt that our movements in this installation not only mirror the possible interactions the system allowed, but also how we mirror each other before we interact. What does this all mean…I’ll have to wait until the newly felt awareness of my body become quiet again.

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