Feeling my way

I’m journeying to a mystery destination with 9 other travellers. None of us speak the same language. What we share is elusive. What’s palpable is willingness to journey together, embrace each other’s origins, knowledge, questions. Our shared charter is to collaborate, bring material from our practices, and maybe unravel from all that’s woven together new possibility. We have exchanged through explorations of Feldenkrais lessons, Laban notation processes, found out about each other’s practices. What stands out for me is how important it is in the midst of all of this to become utterly lost, to fall out of language in the middle of trying to communicate. This is freefall away from the familiar, toward opening to the influence of other views, without losing myself. Fantastic. Maybe another way of thinking is possible. Right now I have no idea what Thinking through the Body is! But I can acknowledge that I danced with an animated wheelchair today! And, I looked upward toward myself projected on the ceiling with my heartbeat animated in sound and visual moving patterns, and felt wonder for some seconds before my analytical mind queried the technology. I am becoming reoriented toward technology, something personal is emerging. I could not have expected this.

I must acknowledge traveller #9, Lucas, who is working “outside” of our interactions, the observing agent (sound & camera), as a major influence on what goes on!

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